Poetry in Motion : Love You Forever

I'll love you forever
No, I'll never stop
I made a promise to you
the Lord above as our witness
on that day I did declare,
forever to love you so.

(c) C.M. 3/3/2006
This piece was originally published on Helium.com 6/30/2009. Since Helium has closed, this piece has found a new home here.

Restaurant Success by the Numbers by Roger Fields, CPA

When I first decided to read "Restaurant Success by the Numbers" I was not expecting much since it was written by a CPA. Sure, a CPA does the books, might know a thing or two, but unless they have actually opened a restaurant, how are they going to know it's true successes and failures? As an accountant myself, there is only so much the numbers tell you.

Poetry in Motion : Lost

I am so LOST
Cannot find my way
Can you help me

Someone Called Me Fat Yesterday

Someone called me fat yesterday.

Someone told me that fat people shouldn't have tattoos because it draws attention to themselves. 
This is my reality. 

I have tried to tell my husband over the years that people stare and me and make comments. 

One time while on a weekend getaway we were sitting in the hot tub with another couple. The girl kept staring at my chest. Yeah, I get that a lot. Not because my boobs are awesome (which they are, btw) but because my entire chest is covered with one giant tattoo. There's a story behind it and you can find it at "Thanks to Shinedown I have Made it Through."  After enough staring and elbowing her significant other so they could laugh, I finally asked her if she had something to say. I guess she never thought I would speak up, but I did. She gulped and said "No." I asked her to please stop staring then but if she wanted to talk about my tattoo I would be more than happy to do so. Let's just say they didn't stay much  longer in the hot tub after that.

Poetry in Motion : Hello Goodbye

What am I doing?
I must be an idiot for listening to you,
for believing in you.
You're not any different then all the rest of them.
How could I have been so blind to see that?
I would have thought I learned my lesson long ago.
A chance meeting that changed my entire world
the blink of an eye.