Getting Back to My Roots

I've decided to get back to my roots. I am shutting down some of my websites and taking a break from the whole "bigger is better" and "must monetize" mentality of the blogging world. I'm bringing back what brought me here in the first place.

Where I've Been

Self Employed Writer has been a big part of my life for quite a long time. It started as a personal blog (theoriginalirishchik) around 2004 and later I changed the name when I purchased the SEW domain (2009.)

I have had a lot of ups and downs. Struggled to find my voice. Found it. Lost it. Found it again.

Problem is, I have outgrown this website. I have kept a select few posts here so that they will be found when needed.

I have decided not to renew the domain. I'll own it for a few more months, but for the purpose of the few remaining posts, the blogger site will work just fine.

I hope you'll check out my sidebar and visit me at one of my other writing spots.

If you are trying to reach me through the selfemployedwriter email, please update it to chrystalmahan.

Pardon the Dust

Hello Self Employed Writer readers.

Just a quick note to tell you all how much I appreciate you. This blog has gone through many changes over the years and life has taken me on many paths in life. For that I have decided to take a lot of the older posts off SEW that have followed me from various blogging platforms as they will be a part of a few books I am working on. I am also in the process of removing the poetry for another poetry book, too. So please pardon the dust a bit as things get shifted around.

#atozchallange Tattoos, Oh My!

"Because I am stronger than any addiction." Brent Smith, lead singer for the band Shinedown

Earlier today a fellow writers who is in a Facebook group with me was talking about tattoos and how someone had made a comment that people who had tattoos were not intelligent.

Fit and Fabulous! with Teresa Tapp and the T-Tapp Workout

Have any of you heard of the T-Tapp system? Over the last few years I have heard it come up in a few online forums and places like My Fitness Pal and Sparkpeople. I remember looking it up on YouTube many years ago and thinking to myself it was just not my style.
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