Sit Alone

As I sit here all alone.............I wonder how did I end up this way?

Did I take the wrong path in life?...............Or maybe just a wrong turn.

Whichever. I wonder if I will ever find my way back. Is there a way back?

You see this smile on my face. You see I am bright and full of life, your sunshine. Makes me look as if everything is ok. The truth is...its fake!

I am not happy, here in this place that I am.

Poetry in Motion : My Everything

I want to be, your everything
to be your dreams
to be in your thoughts
to be your wish
to be your only desire
to be your secret fantasy
I want to be, your everything.

One Directions Makeup Release in Full Force : Concert Giveaway

Confession: Once upon a time I actually enjoyed One Direction. Now, they make my skin crawl. It was cute when they were on television trying to win their singing contract. Kiddo was singing along right with them. As time went on, radio and the internet killed that star. That tends to be the way boy bands are handled these days. Run them until they can't run any more. Then, they part ways and do their own things when their contract is up, which is the big rumor with 1D now.

Poetry in Motion : Missing You

Missing You

All this pain that you bring

Missing You

All these lies you told me

Poetry in Motion : Long Distance Love

Miles separate us
oceans between
millions of miles,
hopes and dreams.

Despite all of that
there you were
giving me smiles
each and every day.