The History of St. Patricks Day


Every year on March 17 many worldwide celebrate the wearing of the green for St. Patrick's Day and those that don't get the ill-fated pinch. March 17 honors the death of St. Patrick (387-461 AD) of Ireland. The Irish have observed this day for thousands of years.

Work at Your Desk all Day? Get Standing!


The average American sits for 13 hours a day. Can you believe that?

I know I sure can because I am guilty of that. Granted, some days I sit less than this, but since I started working from home I have fallen into that trap of sitting way too much. And by way too much I honestly mean, waaaaay too much.

Sad thing is, some people sit longer than that. If you factor in sitting in transportation to get to work, sitting at their work desk and then they go home to sit at the dinner table and/or sit in front of their television or the computer. The end result is a rise is illnesses such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, back and posture problems, wrist pain etc.

Finding the Right Tax Filing Status

Finding the Right Tax Filing Status | Self Employed Writer
One of the things I am most often asked is - how do I know what filing status is best for me?

Tax season is in full swing. How many of you have filed your taxes? If you haven't or if you still have questions, I have written many tax posts here on SEW. Taxes are were a passion of mine. While I do love to help people understand their taxes and teach them about their credits and deductions, I am a little burned out on the whole "working tax season." I've written a few tax books. One for bloggers, one more specific to food bloggers and one centered around those who are self-employed. 

It Was Me All Along by Andie Mitchell

It Was Me All Along | Self Employed Writer

It Was Me All Along  by Andie Mitchell is a memoir by the voice behind food blog Can You Stay for Dinner?  When given the book to review, I had no idea who Andie was, nor did I know her tale. I just knew that after reading the synopsis I had to give this book my attention.

48 Creative Ideas for Valentine's Day

As a writer sometimes I get plagued with writer's block. Most writers hate it. I don't blame them. Sometimes I don't mind it because that is just my brains way of screaming, "I need a break!" I'll go read or find something else to do. In time, my thoughts come back without much of a fight.
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