I Still Believe by Jeremy Camp

Note: This is not a paid review or a review from any of the writers program in which I belong. I purchased this book on my own and it is my own opinion, as are all of my honest reviews.

Sometimes you find that one thing in life that changes you. Sometimes you are not sure how, or even why. You just know something is different.

That is how I feel about Jeremy Camp. I was introduced to him around 2003and it was the song “Stay” that was presented to me. I had no idea at that time that Alternative/Contemporary Christian music existed. I thought all that was out there was gospel. When I first heard him I instantly knew he was something special.

In the next couple of years I absorbed everything I could get my hands on by Jeremy Camp. During this time I was also starting to walk my own path with God and Lifechurch back in Oklahoma. Every time I felt something pulling at me, I would listen to Jeremy. I would sing at the top of my lungs, knowing no one was around to hear me.

Jeremy Camp music and I have many memories. Sad. Happy. Loving. Hating. All these memories locked up inside of me.

I went through a brief period where I had stopped listening. I don’t really know why. Can’t seem to pinpoint it.

I picked back up a little over a year ago. Every time I listen, I cry. It seems a flood of memories come rushing back to me. Sad times, but also some of the happiest. I start to think about the life I once had instead of focusing on the one I have now. I cry more.

Jeremy’s music brings out something in me. He gets me through some of my hardest and most stressful times in life.

I cry in church all the time. More than I ever have.

I tried many times to see Jeremy in concert, but always had a reason I could not go. When I heard he was going to be playing in Lansing, just   under an hour away, I knew I had to go. Something was calling me there.

I made it. I learned he had published a book, and I knew the story only too well. I cried through 90% of the concert. All of those same memories, one right after the other.

My husband thinks it’s the power of God letting me know it’s OK to feel. Something I never allowed myself to do because of my past. It is something I have a very hard time with.

Jeremy has quite a story to tell. A tale of growing up poor, marrying the girl he loved, only to have her die shortly after. Falling in love and marrying a year after her death and now raising a beautiful family. A story I always carried around with me. Knowing someone (with what I like to say) who has a direct line to God is being forced to deal with death, just like I had to deal with death (so many in such a short time) makes me look at things in another way. If HE had to deal with it and HE survived, than I need to deal with it too.
I am still not sure I have dealt with mine. It’s a work in progress.

Just like Jeremy’s book, you too will find he shares many of the same situations you are struggling with. He questioned God, he asked Him all of the say “why” questions that I struggle with.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, believer or non. It’s a wonderful testament to the power of strength and love. 

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