The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren, Daniel Amen, and Mark Hyman

I was excited to review "The Daniel Plan" by pastor Rick Warren and Mark Hyman along with Daniel Amen. I had heard about pastor Warrens church and his weight loss group through various circles. When it came up for review I was waving my hand like a child in school to let people know I would be happy to review it. ( me, me , me ,me *waves hands frantically) Especially since I have been struggling with my weight loss for quite some time now.

Because I also struggle with my faith the first few chapters were a struggle for me and I ended up skipping over most of it. Don't judge me. I didn't start going to church until much later in life (2005) and even now I don't attend regularly. It's my choice. But, that's a whole different post not really meant for this website.

Prior to the book arrival I had checked out Amazon. I swore the release date was set for Dec 3. As of today the release date is set for Dec 22. I am not sure what the big change is. I checked out the Daniel Plan website and there is a ton of information there. The book states there will be an app and I think that will make things much easier because as it is the book does not provide a whole lot of structure.

There are section on faith and friendships. Why you need both to be successful in a weight loss plan. There is a section on exercise and food, which are obvious when following any weight loss plan. The Daniel Diet is mirrored after a clean eating plan.  Organic meats , fruits and vegetables along with whole grains.

There are a few recipes. The meal plan is lackluster. That portion is the smallest portion of the book. I am a little disappointed in the book because it has SO much fluff that is basically the same spin of so many other weight loss plans out there. I felt the menus , recipes and meal plans should have had more of an expanded section than it did. I feel a lot of people are going to give up because they need more. There is not a whole lot of structure or guidance.

I'm hoping when the book actually launches the website and apps will be updated to make up for this.

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  1. I think people start with good intentions, but they often don't have the follow through they need on these projects. As you said perhaps with the tech they will get it right.

    I am a strong believer in the power of communities to help you when you are struggling and weight loss is as much of a struggle as anything else. Having people who will support, encourage, and not enable is extremely important no matter what the challenge. If you have a faith community that can provide that it is wonderful. Our church closed and it has been a huge loss. It was a huge source of strength, encouragement, and challenges. They challenged us to do more and it helped. We've had to work harder since we lost our community, but it is possible.

    By the way since you got me started on this journey in May I'm down 39 pounds and that doesn't include weight I've had to relose. So as we approach Thanksgiving, thank you.

    1. I have missed you! I am so proud of you and your 39 pounds! I do think this book is a good thing and I was thinking of talking to my church about starting a group. There are already TOPS meetings there though so I am not sure how that would work out even though they are not related. There are a group of us writers that started a FB group and we do weekly weight ins and weekly topics much like meetings. It has helped me some to have a group of people I can talk to. I just need to get better about writing down my food and planning my meals. And exercise. Exercise has been a real issue for me. I think the book needs a bit more on the food; meal plans and menus. People should know what to eat with what. Other than that, its a good program and I really like that the food is clean and whole.


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