#atozchallenge W is for ..........


Too many W's to list. That is what W is for today. :)

Writing. Writing is my everyday life. I wish I could figure out what my motivational problem is. It has to be more than my environment and self-esteem. Right?

Yesterday my father-in-law was here helping husband put pegboard up in the new bard so that he could organize his tools. That meant he was in the garage moving the storage bins and tool related junk out and taking it to the barn. Monday he told me he has plans to start on the basement and pack up all his tools and home renovation items that are still scattered from when we redid the bathroom a few years ago. (Yah, he's kinda lazy in that department.)

Now, while I am fine with my FIL being here because he doesn't come inside and want to make small talk. He understands I am working and will quietly stay outside if that means he can spend time with his kid. However, it doesn't stop husband from coming in and out of the house and it doesn't stop the little dog, Tink, from barking non stop. She sees someone pulling into her yard, she barks. If she hears husband in the garage, she barks. If she hears voices out in the yard, she barks. Casey, the Boxer, could care less. She only barks at the mail lady when she pulls up at our mailbox across the street to drop our mail in. And, her bark is so deep  and infrequent I often wonder if she even knows how to bark. But, Tink, on the other hand is a small dog and her bark is loud short bursts that will break your eardrums if you let it.

Husband knows I want a quiet space of my own. I deserve it. I am the one who works from home. I don't understand how people can't understand that a writer reads. They read books, websites, and they read what they are writing. They focus. They concentrate. And for me, when that is broken, I have to go back and reread or redo whatever I was doing because my concentration and thought process is broken. It is time consuming and frustrating.

After today, husband has no job as he finishes his last day of his externship and did not get the full time gig. So, it is up to me to kick it back into high gear and use my writing to make money. I've been down this path before, plenty of times in the past. But for whatever reason, that motivation has gone out the window because I know hes not going to let me have any peace.

I was so hopeful he was going to work after graduation. I keep wishing.

I have some waiting to do in the job market as I wait to hear back on some gigs. I just hope I can start working soon - with some peace and quiet. Other than revenue share. Because, I am pretty much over waiting for that to work for me anymore.

On that note, I actually have some plans to work today since I have the house to myself for a few hours.

Tomorrow... no blog post. Be back Monday for the final few days of the A to Z Challenge.


  1. I understand the distraction but I am lucky enough Hubby has a job and when I do get the motivation I can freely write, unless someone knocks at my door and my phone rings, then all concentration and motivation goes out the window.

    I hope your Hubby finds a job soon.

    1. Tonight is graduation. He's not thrilled. He's glad for school to be done, but since it did not provide him with a job like he had planned/thought/believed, he's rather bummed about it. He is going to help my cousin a few days next week, in construction. Which will help with money and he likes busy work. I just hope a hospital calls soon to offer him a job. I know how he feels though, I got my MBA last year and now I am not really using it like I thought I would.

      I have to turn my phone volume off so that I don't have that distraction! I can barely function with the noise around me that I do have.

      I want a shed to turn into an office, then I can join the shedworking movement ;)

    2. Congrats for his graduation. Yea, its a shame with all the years of college, you can't do what you went there for. It totally sucks. I fear my daughter may be going through that in the near future. I will pray a hospital will call for him too.

      The shed working movement sounds cool!

    3. For me, getting the BA was a means to better my life. I went back to school after my move across the states and the divorce. The MBA was just to prove to myself that I was smart, good, and could do it. I did and I graduated with honors. I am very proud of that because it makes me feel good abotu myself. My husband on the other hand, it was a means for him to further his career and get out of home health care and no longer be a tech, but be certified. So, its a bummer.


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