#atozchallenge Y is for Yesterday

Y is for Yesterday.

Yesterday I started this post. Well, I had a title and had picked Yearning. I was plotting this big post about yearning and the feeling. I thought it was going to be good.

Then, I put the post on hold because I had some projects that just had to be done. When I got to a stopping point I headed out to meet up with one of the girls from church and help her get the materials ready for Sunday morning child classes for the month of May.

For me, it was a lot of exercise. Up and down the stairs, in and out of offices, back and forth across the stage to find materials. It was a nice work-out for me because I have gotten very sedentary these last few months. It was also welcomed conversation with someone other than my dogs, cat, and husband.

When I returned home, husband had dinner ready for me. I sat down on the couch and was completely absorbed in its minimal comfort. My shoulder was hurting and I was so exhausted I was going to pass out.  For someone who has so much anxiety and not a lot of social time, it wore me and my pain issues out.

I realized I really need to get back in the habit of watching what I eat and exercising. When I got sick earlier this year I fell off the wagon and it's really starting to show.

Yesterday. One step at a time out of my comfort zone.


  1. Pain or not I bet it felt good to make that personal connection. I'm paying today for efforts made over the past week. I feel awful, but I don't regret getting out of my routine and paying the price.

    1. That is how I felt Sunday after church. I spent the first session in adult church and then second session upstairs with the 1st and 2nd grade girls. There is a lot of running around, dancing, and playing involved. My back and hips were not too happy with me after, but it was fun. I am making it a point to do as much activity as I can to get my body back in shape. I can't wait for the rain to clear so I can walk and we found a cheap gym that we hope to go to. I dusted off the treadmill, literally. I'm also looking forward to the garden. I think having something to get me moving is a step in the right direction. I have been stuck in this office chair way too long.

    2. Great plan! As I tell Hubby sometimes the four walls close in on me and all it takes is for us to go out for dinner or church etc. And as you keep doing things, your body will get back into shape and hopefully it won't be as painful!

    3. I am really hoping so! I talked to a leadership pastor today about taking leadership classes so that I can lead a group. We are discussing doing the new Daniel Plan. I think it might be a good option.


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